Saturday, March 19, 2005

Federal ALP on the Attack.

Kevin Rudd appeared on Insiders (ABC) this morning and answered every question with an Attack on the Goverment; unusual behaviour for Mr Rudd. Perhaps Beazely has lit his usual fire under the ALP. Perhaps the ALP is finally heeding little John's advice, that an election is fought over the entire term.

Either way we can expect the ALP to attack the Goverment on every fornt on every topic. Luckily for them the Liberals have provided many targets. Perhaps the ALP has chosen the Thousand Cuts Stratergy. Though they will be hard pressed to win against Teflon John.

Unfortunately for the Goverment and Australia, leaving things to the private sector fails to get things done. Australia isn't structured for that. So our infrastructure and skills shortages may kill this economic bliss.