Monday, December 13, 2004

Playing Trains

Why is it that we (humans) always believe that we could do it better? If we were in charge would the trains run on time? The answer is: no. Or should that be: No!

Each successive state and federal goverment, plays with the public train system. And most changes do nothing to improve it. In fact we're luck if it doesn't get worse.

Would privatisation be better? Most of the Britains and America's railways were built by private organisations (with public assistance). And yet they suffer many of the same problems; and also the dillema of ownership.

Is it time for us just to accept that the train system will always be flawed?

The Minister wants us to accept the flaws. Perhaps the Goverment forgets that the People have memories. Perhaps they forget that we remember each bungle, budget cut, and restructure, that made the problems worse.


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